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Generate a return on your investment
By investing in your reputation

TruthPass has a world-first program that earns you money while you invest in your own reputation development. Commit to your reputation and benefit in monetary reward for your efforts.

Join TruthPass

"RG Value is a program you can enroll into, that rewards users who invest time in growing and maintaining thier reputation and associated personal records" Enroll today and start benefitting...

Benefits for individuals:

  • Earn income
  • Workplaces can contribute to their staffs
  • Actively track in real-time your TruthWallet value

Benefits for businesses:

  • Promote staff retention by offering monetary reward for loyalty
  • Give your staff a solid, secure online reputation resource
  • Reduce your tax burden by investing in your staff
  • Assist with CASHFLOW retention

How does it work?


Engage in regular maintenance.


Earn a portion of donations received by REP

Get Paid

Get paid after your min. invest period!

Any individual can benefit from TruthWallet in multiple ways...

TruthWallet Community Fund

Eligible to ALL users of TruthPass

5 year investment period required

TruthWallet Workplace

Eligible to employees in companies using TruthPass

Investment period set by workplace

TruthWallet Community Fund

Eligible to volunteers of groups apart of TruthPass

Iinvestment period set by group

Useful information about TruthWallet...

Do I need to pay to enroll?

No, there is no investment required to enroll in RG Value. All value earnt is accrued from donations from companies and individuals.

Can I withdraw my earnings early?

No, your earnt value can only be withdrawn once you have built and maintained your reputation shield for the minimum period defined by the Wallet you are wanting to withdraw from.

What happens if I leave before the minimum period?

Any earnt value is circulated back into the pool and distributed to existing users.

Is my data safe? Do you sell it to marketing companies?

Yes, your data is safe on our locally based New Zealand server. Your data is not sold to any 3rd party companies. Please read our privacy policy here.

Where does the money come from that I would earn?

Value earnt comes from donations passed to TruthPass from individuals and businesses who are supporting our mission to give people control over their own identity and digital reputation. Businesses can gain tax benefits from donating to TruthPass, and seeing this value go back into their team who use it.

What are the tax benefits to my company? (If you are a business)

Because funds invested into TruthPass can be filtered through to your team (as an incentive to be loyal to your business), your tax liability can be offset. You do not have to pay GST on the money going out, and its up to your employees to deal with any tax obligation at the time where they actually withdraw it from TruthPass. This is not financial advice, please contact your accountant.

Be an early adopter of TruthWallet and be one of the first to benefit from our unique, exciting program that gives money to YOU for your effort in protecting your reputation with TruthPass...