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Your reputation is everything.
It takes a lifetime to build,
seconds to destroy.

Protect your reputation with Reputation Guardian,
a secure online vault for your personal credentials.

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Government want to be the sole arbiter of truth and trust - what happens if they get it wrong?

Be Prepared. Shield Your Reputation From Malicious, Unjustified Attacks.

People love a juicy rumour, and if you’re the subject, who’s going to believe you? Reputation Guardian is a secure online vault that protects valuable credentials from hackers, theft and misuse. Your documents are protected and accessible when you need them.

Rumours, untruths, fraudulent attacks all bounce off your impenetrable reputation shield. Your shield certifies your level of protection.

Five Levels of Protection: Start with an Iron shield and work your way up the levels to Platinum, with every reputation proof point fortifying your credibility.

Image of Reputation Guardian Shields
Image of Reputation Guardian Shields
Image of Reputation Guardian Shields
Image of Reputation Guardian Shields

How our secure online vault works

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Why Reputation Guardian?

Reputation Guardian is the result of one man’s experience of a campaign to shred his reputation. Just as a murderer is nearly always known to his victim, this man’s enemies were close family members with axes to grind. People who used rumours and their positions of power to commence investigations which unfortunately went unquestioned and uncorroborated, culminating in lost income, lost property, and blocked access to his children. After years of battling, Reputation Guardian is his way of making sure no one else has to endure what he did.

  • Your reputation credentials securely stored in one place, easy to access in an emergency.
  • A character and credentials backup if things go horribly wrong.
  • Enables you to prove or verify your character and reputation quickly.

Your reputation is your true identity.
What would you do if you lost it?

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In this digital world, you’re more vulnerable than ever before. At the click of a button, your career could be in tatters, your relationship in shreds, even your children taken away from you. Making it harder to travel, win business, get your dream job, get a flat, buy a house, or get a loan. You’ve seen it happen in psychological thrillers but the fact is, it’s happening in real life, to good people like you, every single day. And once your reputation is tarnished, it’s hard to get the shine back.

“I’m a good person. No one’s going to target me!”

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We know. You’re a likeable person, with lots of friends. You get on with everyone, you mind your own business and you’re always courteous and helpful. So this could never happen to you, right? Wrong. You’re an easy target. But the sort of person we’ve created Reputation Guardian to protect.

In this age of taking offence at anything, exacting revenge, naming, shaming & blaming, is it any wonder that even good people are finding themselves in situations ranging from mildly annoying to physically and emotionally harmful? Have you ever been promoted at work? Perhaps a colleague who thought they were next in line says things to your manager about you to discredit you.

Custody arrangements are a common playground for a parent to get the upper hand. They might tell porkies about you to gain more time with your children (which means more maintenance paid by you, and IRD child support is a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down).

Facebook Groups are another popular place for bullies to lurk. Often a comment that isn’t meant to be harmful can be taken the wrong way. Suddenly you’re leapt upon by a group of strangers you thought were friends, for a misunderstanding or for voicing a difference of opinion.

With self-policing trends people are now being encouraged to report their neighbours for not abiding by rules. People love power and dobbing you in for washing your car in drought season is easy. Or calling the council to report a noise nuisance, or a dog barking. A dangerous proposition if you make an enemy or offend someone.

Don’t delay, sign up for Reputation Guardian today.

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